Project Effects Loop Switcher
PART 6: Building a prototype


Great! So we’ve got everything sorted out about how our loop switcher should behave. However, before we start writing code, we need some sort of a prototype to test it on. In this chapter I will show you how to build such a prototype (the one you can see in the video of my previous post PART 5: Defining features). Read more

Arduino: quirks and pitfalls

In this post I will list all pitfalls I encountered while experimenting with Arduino boards. Some of these topics may seem logical to the more advanced Arduino developer, however, as a novice, not knowing them may cause a lot frustration. Read more

Project Effects Loop Switcher
PART 5: Defining features

Ok, now that we’re introduced to the Arduino workflow (see Project Effects Loop Switcher
 PART 4: ‘Hello Arduino’…) it’s time to start thinking of how exactly we want our loop switcher to behave. Read more

Project Effects Loop Switcher
PART 4: ‘Hello Arduino’…

Seven segment display

For me the first steps into Arduino World went like a breeze. Easy peasy! So it was time to move on to some more ‘advanced’ stuff. How about a good old ‘Hello World’? Read more

Project Effects Loop Switcher
PART 3: Getting to know Arduino

Arduino Mega 2560

This morning my Arduino Mega 2560 arrived. After some weeks of research it was time to get my hands dirty. Working with Arduino is as simple as boiling an egg. You go to the getting started pages on the Arduino website, choose your operating system, download and install the development tool and follow the steps described. Read more

Project Effects Loop Switcher
PART 2: How hard can it be?


I must be a terrible person: last couple of weeks I’ve seen the most impressive effects switcher units, however, none of them could perfectly suit my needs. Things like loop switchers aren’t cheap (at least not the decent ones), so the one I’ll be buying has to be exactly what I need. At least it has to compensate for the guilty feeling that emerges from giving in to the GAS… again. Read more

Drawing on the iPad – Adobe Ideas


A tablet computer is a great tool when it comes to boosting creativity: it is portable, has a very natural interface (with your hands/fingers, directly on the screen) and makes it easy to share your ideas.

One way of being creative is drawing and nowadays the app store has plenty of drawing/painting apps to offer. Now I can say I tried a lot of them, but there is one app that somehow draws my attention time and time again. It’s made by Adobe and is called Ideas. Read more

Project Effects Loop Switcher
PART 1: What are my requirements?

Rocktron PatchMate Loop 8 Floor

Like most guitar geeks I too am cursed with an incurable disease named GAS. For those who may have never heard of it before: it’s an acronym for Gear Aquisition Syndrome, or the irresistible urge to try and buy new guitar gear. All this in the holy search for the ultimate sound.  Read more